If you have wooden structures in your home, which most of you around here do! Termites are something that you should really be aware of. They tend to develop a lot in damp places, so things like crawl spaces, basements and attics are usually great hiding spots for these pests. As we have mentioned they like to feed off, of certain materials that are actually essential to the overall stability of your home. We don’t want to say this, to get people panicking over the possible presence of termites in their homes, but as we mentioned we just want to make sure that you don’t sleep on these types of pests.

Baiting Stations

As we have discussed in other areas of the site we could say that the best defense against things like termites is a good offense. Setting up baiting stations can be just what you are looking for. The whole concept behind the use baiting stations is pretty much the same as how a fly trap or any type of trap works.


We set up these stations in strategic points in the perimeter of your home and lure in termites that are going to be exterminated when in contact with the stations. This is a great way to prevent termite issues at any time of the year.

Liquid Treatment On Foundations

Having a termite issue within your foundation can be one of the worst problems that you could actually face. This treatment is actually pretty simple. What we will do is dig a trench around your foundation and then apply a liquid treatment within that trench. After the soil has absorbed the liquid we will put basically everything back to where it was and you can rest assured that your foundation is going to be safe from termite attacks! 

Expert Inspections 

We may have been better off starting out with this information on the page, but as you will see in pretty much any other page on the site a proper inspection is really the first step in preventing any type of pest issue or in being able to provide a proper solution to an infestation. With that said, in these inspections, a lot of the things that we will watch out for is certain signs of termite activity around the home. Obviously, if we can physically see termites we will move to try and exterminate them as quickly as possible. Again, an expert inspection can really save you a lot of time and money in dealing with these types of issues.    

Extreme Termite Issues 

When you have extreme termite issues everything that is made of wood is pretty much going to be falling apart and just being in an area that has been eaten up by termites can really be dangerous. What we will do in these cases is provide an emergency fumigation service to the entire place. Then really go through and say what can be saved and what is better of just being replaced or remodeled!  

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