Fire ant control Cumming GA

If you have the chance to even skim through the site you will know that a lot of what we do is try to prevent that you have these types of issues. That is why we identify more as a pest control company than an exterminator. That being said, we know that a lot of times we are going to be called upon to do both control and exterminate. One of the most popular cases in which we both control and exterminate is in our dealing with fire ants. We can pretty much imagine that by now everyone who can read has been bitten by an ant and knows it is not much fun. That is why we are here to help!

Covering Food Storage Areas

The main reason that you will have ants show up on your property is that you have food or other types of elements like water that are going to lead ants to want to invade your property. 


One of the best ways to make sure that ants are not present in your home, particularly on the inside of your home is to cover up food and water sources properly so that they do not invite ants in! This can be as simple as storing them away properly or a little bit more complex where we could come in and seal some cracks that ants could crawl through.

Ant Bait

Like any form of bait, ant bait is thought out to lure ants into eating a specific type of pest control chemical that will cause them an illness that they can then pass on to other members of the colony, thus ending your ant problem in over a week or two. If you are looking for a more immediate method to make sure that you are not going to have to deal with an ant problem heading straight to the ant mounds is the answer. 

Spotting Fire Ant Mounds

As we always say, a proper inspection is going to be the first step in anything that we do. Most of the times, ant mounds are going to be relatively easy to spot. At least compared to spotting nests or other types of homes for other pests. Before we begin to treat the mounds directly though, we may want to find out why the ants have settled upon that particular spot in order to be more careful the next time around, so we do not allow them to settle.

Treating The Mounds 

If you have a true ant problem it is highly unlikely that there are going to be just a couple of mounds on your property. The mounds that fire ants create do not have an opening at the top like other mounds that you may have seen. In these cases though, the best way to treat a major ant problem is to spread pesticides directly into the mound to be able to affect the entire colony. As we mentioned this is usually only done when you are having major ant issues! 

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