Pest Infestations

Pest infestations are literally the stuff that nightmares are made out of. There is really no need to sugar coat this, as people who may have lived through something like this will agree that it is just not a pretty sight. Obviously, if your home is the one that has suffered the infestation you are going to want to get your home “back” as soon as possible. We are going to go through a couple of the steps that we would take as a company to solve an infestation issue as quickly as humanly possible. So, that you can be prepared in case you believe that your issue has gotten this serious!

Give Us A Call & Try To Not Panic

Without a doubt, we have had the privilege of seeing some of the most impressive infestations ever. So, when you give us a call you can be sure that we are not going to flinch and instead we will jump right into action. 


If you don’t feel totally uncomfortable remaining in an infested room there is no reason that you should have to do so. You can call us from your cell phone and we can meet at another location before we head out to take a look at the issue.

When Will It Be Declared A War Zone

If you have an issue in one room within your home it does not mean that we are going to have to seal the whole place off and put you in quarantine. Most of the times we are able to asses the situation calmly and really go through a lot of the recommendations that we are going to make. If we feel that it would be best both for you and for us that the property be vacated we will go ahead and do so. As we said the main thing is to make sure that you don’t panic and that you know we can solve most of your issues.
Major Fumigation
A lot of times when we spot a large infestation that is concentrated on a certain area within a home we cannot rule out the possibility that a lot of other areas have also been infested. In these cases what we will do is go ahead and put the tent over the entire home and provide a thorough fumigation service. We will probably close the property off for a couple of days until we can guarantee that it is safe for you and your family to return!
How Often Does This Happen?    
A lot of things that we mention on this particular page are pretty much a worst case scenario type of deal. To be honest major infestations are pretty rare. Especially in homes that are inspected regularly. Most of the times when we go in and take care of a major infestation, the homes have been sort of abandoned for years. As a side note, if you own a cabin or property in a rural area you are more likely to have major pest problems. Make sure that you are proactive in addressing them!     
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