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Over the years we have sort of found that a lot of times people will relate certain insect problems to animals or very specific areas. They really don’t believe that these animals could be lurking in their homes and actually causing major damage all the way around. Our flea, tick and common insect control services are built to get rid of different types of insects that can be actually affecting your everyday life and you may not have even noticed!

What Type of Insect Is Causing The Trouble

The first thing that we have to find out is, what type of pest problem you have. Not all pest control solutions are made equal. We are sure that you have realized that by now.  So naturally what we will need to do is to go through a full inspection of the place and try and locate different types of insects that may be causing problems in your home.


Fleas and ticks can be a bigger danger than what a lot of people realize. Again, this is not something that we want to say, to scare people off, it just so happens to be a fact!

Indoor Insect Control

Fleas, ticks and even bed bugs are real problems that pretty much everyone faces at one point in their lives. The inspections and extermination services that we provide for these types of pests are usually a lot more “invasive” to people. Since obviously if we are dealing with a flea or bed bug issue we are going to have to go through your bed, sheets and things like that to find evidence of these types of insects being present in your home. The fact that this service can get really so personal makes having a company that you can trust working on these types of things much more important.  

Checking Pets
We really would not believe that this is news to anyone, but pets are known to be infected with fleas and other types of insects more commonly than humans at least. We are not saying here that you should not let your pets indoors or anything like that. We would not be commenting on such a personal decision. That being said, we do believe that if you are going to have your pets roaming around the house constantly keeping them flea free is a pretty important step in making sure that these types of pests do not enter your home!
Ticks Are No Joke  
If you happen to have a tick problem we really think that your best bet is to get professionals in your property as soon as possible. There are different types of ticks out there, but more than a few have been known to seriously hurt or even kill humans and pets. So, obviously, we believe that keeping your home free of these insects is an absolute must. As always a routine inspection and fumigation service can really go a long way in keeping your home safe!    

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