​There are very few things that home or business owners hate more than having to deal with pests. The reason that we say this, is because once you are invaded by pests there are very few things that you are going to be able to do besides calling the professionals for help! If you are looking for a professional service near or in Cumming that can help you solve your pest problems we are glad that you came around to Cumming Pest Control we can assure you that we are not going to disappoint.

About Us   

We have been handling pest control issues for many years now. We really believe that this is the main virtue that we are able to bring to the table for our clients. 


When it comes to pest control we understand that people are always going to be looking for a quick and efficient service. That is exactly what we are looking to provide every time that we get a chance to work on homes or businesses. You can always expect the best from the group of professionals that make up the staff of Cumming Pest Control

Our Services  
Without a doubt, most of the services that we provide are geared towards keeping homes free from different types of pests. We also work on different types of businesses and venues that may encounter all sorts of pest problems. Pest control is not just about spraying the same type of chemicals on different buildings and hoping for optimal results every single time. We understand that each service that we are called in, to provide is unique and we are equipped to be able to treat it accordingly. Whether you have mosquitoes, flees, ticks, ants or any other type of pest issue give us a call we can help out! 


This is the service that we are called in to provide the most. The way that we go about providing these types of services is as follows. We provide a thorough inspection of the entire place to be able to make the first assessment where we will decide the type of treatment that we are going to follow. That is why having the expertise and the patience to literary look under every rock is going to come in very handy both for us and for you as a client.

A professional controlling termite


To wooden homeowners, it is really no secret that termites should be a pretty big concern These particular pests are known to flourish around dark and damp areas near wood or other types of components that they feed off, of. The best thing that we recommend that people do, to avoid these types of issues is to be proactive with their pest control strategies. Giving us a chance to come in and take an in-depth look at your home at least once a year can really help you prevent major damage that could potentially be caused by these types of pests. 

Cumming Pest Control have really been lifesavers for me on multiple occasions. That is why I have no problem recommending that you give them a call if you have any type of pest problem! 
 – Sandra F.  


The real difference that we find with fleas, and ticks compared to termites, for example, is that fleas and ticks can really affect your family’s health. So, this makes having your home checked out for these types of pests all the more important. When we find that when you do have this type of pest problem we may suggest that you give us a chance to really do a complete pest control service on the entire property that is obviously going to be focused on taking care of your indoor living areas. There are also a couple of things that we recommend you do, to be able to be flea and tick free all year around!


We get a lot of questions from people wanting to know how severe their problem is. What we always say is that if you find certain pests being visible to the naked eye. On places like your bathrooms or your kitchen, usually, that is a sign that you have an infestation that can be traced back to other areas of your home typically inside of walls and things like that. Which means that going out and buying what we could call over the counter pest control products may only mask the problem. In our estimates only being able to mask the problem without fully getting rid of it can be very dangerous. It could actually spread throughout your home a lot more than it would have it you had called us right away. 


I did not know who could really help me with my termite problem. I gave Cumming Pest Control a shot and they did not disappoint. They were able to eliminate my termite problems now, all I do is have them follow up every once in a while, but the major problems have not returned.
 – Josh G. 


It is literally a very horrible feeling that you are not able to enjoy your own property at certain points of the year because mosquitoes have taken over. They can really take a toll on your family. Not allowing you to sleep well, or having you wake up with a whole bunch of itchy bites. We can help your family literally avoid that all together with our mosquito control services. 

Two ants are playing


When you have smaller kids or even pets being able to know first hand what type of ants live on your property becomes a little more important. Fire ants really pack a mean punch in their bite and it is not a good feeling for anyone. We can help control the fire ant population in your property so that you can walk on your yard freely! 

I thought that having mosquitoes invade my home during the spring and summer was something I just had to endure. A friend recommended though, that I give Cumming Pest Control a call. Now, I get them to fix my mosquito issues every year and I can truly enjoy my outdoor areas.
– Kevin I


​Now that you have gotten a chance to read through a lot of the different services that we provide you may feel a little more comfortable calling or contacting us and asking us directly about the service that you require. Even if you don’t happen to see a service that you are looking for listed on this page don’t worry. You can give us a call and we can let you know what type of services we are able to provide!

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